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Copper Recycling and The Environment

Copper is more than just water pipes, heavy wiring and household cookware.  So it’s no surprise that every effort is made to avoid waste - wherever and whenever possible, copper is recycled.  But special care must also be taken - fumes from copper processing are not allowed into the atmosphere, nor can any discharge be allowed into the water system.

For scrapcopper.ca, protection of the environment is one of our priorities, so Going Green has become an integral part of our effort to be conscious about the environment.  The fact is, copper recycling is in itself an eco-industry.  Our priorities are focused in four areas: reducing overall pollution; eliminating unnecessary waste; promoting the reuse of copper, instead of disposal; and saving energy (which also improves our bottom line).

Since Going Green means different things to different companies, a company’s corporate philosophy is integral to implementation.  It could range from operating a fully functioning eco-friendly factory, to creating manufacturing systems and processes that are sustainable.  Business people worldwide always pay attention to trends - and Going Green is one of those trends, whether it’s local or global, small business or large.  Quite simply, being environmentally conscious is good for business.

Industry experts also agree that to achieve long-term business success, Going Green must be part of the strategy.  That’s why companies around the world are instituting eco-friendly practices that are just plain good for business.  An eco-friendly company keeps ahead of the competition; positions itself as progressive; and ultimately creates a positive corporate image in the mind of the public. 

At scrapcopper.ca, we’re always striving for improvement, and Going Green is a win-win improvement.  Progressive communities like Woodbridge always welcome environmentally friendly companies with open arms.  So whether a company installs lighting systems that are energy efficient, or decides to completely re-tool a production process, it all contributes to the betterment of the environment.

Industry statistics show across-the-board benefits from Going Green, and copper recycling makes a significant contribution to this equation.  Processing facilities lower their overhead, experience better operating efficiencies, and render improved profit margins.  Even tax breaks and incentives from government are meaningful to the bottom line.  But there are also less tangible, yet positive side effects:  employee health is improved; workers turn out to be more productive; and a company’s corporate image is amplified because it’s doing business in a socially responsible fashion.

Whether a company implements a simple step like improving heating and ventilation, or decides to completely overhaul wastewater and sewage systems, it all contributes to a better environment.  For scrapcopper.ca, whatever we have implemented under the banner of “Going Green”, we maintain a corporate philosophy that is driven by the watchwords reduce, re-use and recycle.

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