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Why Copper Recycling is Important to the Environment

September 21, 2016

Most people don’t think about the amount of garbage they generate, or even what happens to it once it’s collected. The fact is, most garbage is taken to landfill sites, and “buried”. Needless to say, the landfill sites are filling up, and running out. And because incineration is unpopular and untenable as an alternative, recycling has become a viable option, particularly in the last decade.

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The Process of Recycling Copper

August 21, 2016

Copper and copper alloys have been widely recycled for the last few hundred years. Historically, when virgin copper ore wasn’t available, copper objects were melted down and then re-cast as new. Interestingly, during many war times, copper and copper alloys were very often recycled, simply out of dire need. Since then, recycled copper has continued to be a major source of copper metal around the world (it accounts for almost half of all the copper produced annually).

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Knowing the Difference Between Types of Copper Wire

August 18, 2016

For the serious copper wire collector, it’s critical to know about the different types of copper wire before doing any collection, and before delivering to the scrap yard. Seasoned collectors already know about “bare bright” copper wire - it’s currently the hottest commodity, and will therefore fetch the highest price at the scrap yard. But it’s still important to now which copper is which, especially when collecting electric motors, copper yokes, or anything else that is copper-laden

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